First year reflection

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Look At That Face

I have this picture of my little man in a frame in my room. When I first saw the 3D sonogram pictures I was shocked and amazed. Most of them made him look like Benjamin Button! A little old man! At the time, no pictures stood out, but now, when I look at this one [...]

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Christian’s First Birthday Party

As you all know my little boy turned one recently, and of course we celebrated his first birthday by throwing him party. I think I dreamed about my son’s first birthday since the day he was born, and I just can’t believe it has now come and gone. We chose a Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme [...]

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Breastfeeding: The End

For about 5 months I was the sole provider of nutrition for my son. For over a year I held my son close to me so he could nurse at least once a day. It’s a bond between my son and I that no other person can duplicate. Breastfeeding has been an experience like none [...]

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