One year ago from today, on December first, at 3:23 PM, after 17 hours of labor, my son came into this world. For 9 months this little guy grew in my belly, and I couldn’t wait to meet him. And now, one year later, he is the most amazing little boy a mom could ask for. I just can’t believe his first birthday is actually here! Happy first birthday to my little man!

Although I will admit I forget a lot of the details about labor (but not all!), I remember just about everything of that little guy making his way into the world. I remember seeing him come out, I remember thanking God that it was over, and I remember them laying him in my arms and getting to kiss him for the first time. After that it all becomes a blur, but those moments I will cherish forever.

From there he began to grow….


3 Months…

6 Months…

9 Months…

At this point he gets around VERY well even though he’s not officially walking yet. He has great conversations although we aren’t exactly sure what he is saying. I have a blast saying “oh really?” to everything he says. He is so proud when I respond. I wait for the day that he says “Momma” and looks at me when he says it. He has 3 teeth, and working on his 4th. I wish they would just come in already, because I feel so bad when he is in pain.

Everyone that meets him says “wow, he really is a busy boy!”, and boy is that the truth. From the moment he wakes up till the moment he goes to bed he is on the move. He definitely keeps me on my toes!

Today, my mom is coming up to celebrate with us, The Captain is taking a 1/2 day of work, and we are meeting Nana and Papou for lunch at Friendly’s. Some may say I am projecting my love of Friendly’s but who wouldn’t want Friendly’s on their birthday? After that we are going to go to “Build A Bear” to get him a great bear to commemorate this day. Then…we will get pictures taken with Santa. Finally, a bunch of family will come over to enjoy pizza and cake, and to witness my little guy practice his cake smashing skills in preparation of the big birthday party on Saturday. Phew! What a fun filled day!

I feel like my son’s first birthday is a milestone I have thought about since very early on, and I can’t believe that the day is here. Where did the time go? I am the type of person who’s mind wanders constantly, and these days all my thoughts have surrounded the wonderfulness that was this past year. So happy birthday little man. I promise to make this birthday, as well as all others special.