How The Violence Against Women Act can Protect You

An issue as sensitive and unnerving as domestic violence is seldom brought up in conversation. While the aversion is understandable, the reality is that abuse continues to prevail in households around the country. Royalty-free image According to recent national statistics, there are almost 20 cases of physical abuse between intimate partners in the United States [...]

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Dear Christian: 10 Years Old

Dear Christian, Your ten......TEN! I have been writing you these letters for over ten years and I can't believe it. When you were a baby people would tell me "enjoy it because it goes fast". I would smile and say I know, but you can't know. A person could never imagine how quickly it all [...]

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Quarrantine: Day goodness knows but they extended school from home till end of the month….

Well here we are. Another week in Quarrantine and another week doing school at home. I keep looking back as the weeks have gone on and it get's worse and worse. We started a little lax with our rules of distancing. We allowed playing with neighbors as long as it was around the house and [...]

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