5 Tips to Help You Move on After a Broken Marriage

A relationship can be extremely rewarding, especially if it results in marriage. Unfortunately, not all relationships make it to this stage and those that do may not end up being successful. Going through a breakup is a difficult time, but going through a divorce tends to be even worse. A divorce will have a huge [...]

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Quarrantine: Day goodness knows but they extended school from home till end of the month….

Well here we are. Another week in Quarrantine and another week doing school at home. I keep looking back as the weeks have gone on and it get's worse and worse. We started a little lax with our rules of distancing. We allowed playing with neighbors as long as it was around the house and [...]

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The New Normal: Day 5 (waves from afar, Bike Riding and a quiet St. Patricks Day)

Yesterday was a rainy St. Patrick's Day morning. I found my son staring out our bay window crying saying how hard it was to be alone. I gave him a hug and told him how much I understood. It is hard, but as I hugged him I really wanted to tell him how thankful we [...]

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