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House Hunting: We Bought A HOUSE!

We did it! The day was finally here that we would buy our house! It honestly doesn’t feel real. The big reason being that we still don’t actually LIVE in the house, but the bottom line is that we own in! It’s all ours for as many years as we want to keep it! We […]

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Moving Day

I am writing this on the night before we move. Tonight I sat and rocked my son before bed in the only room he’s ever known. I remember decorating the room waiting for his arrival. Captain Awesome painted and put the pretty vinyl tree on the wall. And now, all of his things are going […]

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House Hunting: Soon We Will Be Homeless

I am living in denial. Total and absolute denial. The fact is that next week, on January 7th we have to move out of our home. The day we have been looking forward to and dreading for so long is finally here. Bottom line? We have to move out. Another fun fact? The home we […]

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House Hunting: We Are No Longer Homeowners

Holy moly have things been crazy around here. I am not quite sure I will make it through the month of December, but I will try. My nerves are on edge, and I just want all of this house buying/selling business to be over. I am vowing to NEVER move again. It’s horrible and awful […]

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