As the days tick by my time for denial gets shorter and shorter. Denial of what you ask? The fact that I will be in fact moving from my house in a very short period of time. Did I forget to mention we are in contract? Yes, the contracts are all signed, and if everything goes as planned, we will be moving out of our home in a few short months. The on or about date is November 16th to be exact, and that means in just over a month I could be homeless. Don’t have I have the right to panic?

In a perfect world one finds a buyer for their home…goes into contract….finds a new home of their dream…go into contract on that home and close with in days of each other. Why oh why is that not happening for me? Being that it’s fall, the inventory out there is just about nil. With Spring and Summer being the hot time to move, Fall and Winter people like to stay put. That does not bode well for those of us who need a home in those seasons.

Every day I wake up to check my “home match” search, and every day I see NOTHING! We have finally picked an area where we want to live and there is either nothing on the market, or those homes that are, are WAY overpriced. (I gotta tell you people are on drugs out there!) Eventually those over priced homes work their way down to where they are supposed to sell, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to wait.

So what happens to us when our closing date finally arrives? Well, we aren’t out on the street, but it also doesn’t look like we will be in our next home. It looks like we will be moving out into my in laws house, and going back and forth to my parents in PA. Generous of them? YES! Ideal? No! But we are blessed to have two sets of parents that are willing to give us a nice and comfortable home while we are in limbo.

The Captain doesn’t realize that all of this totally turns my life upside down. No matter where we go he will still get up in the morning and go to work. Between the hours of 8-6 his life remains the same. As a stay at home mom I do in fact STAY AT HOME and with out a home of my own I think I will be lost. It’s better than paying rent somewhere, but I will be living at someone elses home, or driving back and forth to my parents house in PA for who knows how long.

I try to remain optimistic that my house will show up soon. That once it does we can move quickly on it and the timing will somehow miraculously work out. In the mean time I do in fact have to actually move out soon….that means A LOT of packing, and I can’t even think about how emotionally sad I will be to leave this wonderful place…but either way we are OUT! It certainly is time to panic…..