The Captain and I had a running joke in the summer that no matter when we bought our new home that we would have a BBQ (any excuse for a party right?). Living in a condo for 5 years left our outdoor yard space EXTREMELY limited, and we dream about the days that we can BBQ in our back yard. The joke was that even if we got our house during the winter our friends and family better bring their warm winter jackets with them because we still plan on having that BBQ outside. It was a joke because we truly believed we’d sell/buy a house during the summer, but as we enter the fall the joke seems to be a real possibility. So friends and family get your parkas ready….it looks like we will be having that winter BBQ!

Just like the rest of this process when we take one step forward it feels like we are then taking three steps back. I am pretty tired of hearing “it will work out”, and “you will end up in the house you are supposed to”. I get that people. I KNOW we will find a house, and I know that it will be great. What I don’t know is when, where or how this will all happen. It’s pretty daunting to possibly be selling your home with no place to go but to your in laws and parents house for an undetermined amount of time. Yes…we are blessed and lucky to have that as an option, but that doesn’t make the feeling that our home is so out of our grasp any easier.

The cold winter sucks as a time to move, and even worse the fall/winter housing market certainly isn’t the most desirable. But we have to make it all work. Not to mention that I am DEVASTATED that I most likely will not get to decorate my own home for the holidays. I don’t think you even realize how much I love that time of year. I love to put up lights and, I love to decorate my own tree. It looks like the holidays won’t be the same this year and I am sad. Yes we still will be surrounded by friends and family, that won’t change. But that doesn’t make not having our own home during that time any easier.

So friends and family be sure to bundle up this winter because our BBQ is going to happen. Get your hats, and gloves and hot toddies will be poured to keep you warm, but I don’t want to hear any complaints. You will have fun at our winter BBQ in our new home! Where and when that will be is to be determined. Till then I will continue to wonder what will happen next. Que Sera Sera right?