I am living in denial. Total and absolute denial. The fact is that next week, on January 7th we have to move out of our home. The day we have been looking forward to and dreading for so long is finally here. Bottom line? We have to move out. Another fun fact? The home we are buying isn’t ready for us yet. The sellers aren’t able to get out yet, and therefore, on January 7th we will be moving out to become homeless. That my dear friends is why I am in denial. How is it that we are so close yet so far from owning our next home?

Everyone that walks into our home says the same thing. Are you such you are moving? They ask this because it looks like not one thing is packed. They say do you have movers booked? Nope! (well I lie we just booked them the other day). What are your plans? I have no clue! Then they laugh and tell me I better get it together. See, I can’t get it together because if I wrap my head around all the change that is coming in my life I may just scream.

Now for the really rough part. As I said the home we are buying isn’t ready for us yet. Sucks! We rushed and pushed only to find that the home they bought and are renovating became a bigger project then they thought. So they can’t move out yet. So when January 7th arrives, the moving trucks will be moving our things into storage rather than into our new home. I’m so bummed.

So where does that leave us? Bouncing from our parent’s homes until we can move in. I will be going to PA for a bit with our little man while Captain Awesome moves in with his parents so he can stay and work. I will be going back and forth from PA to NY until we can move in. As a SAHM I don’t see myself being all to comfortable anywhere but home. My schedule, my things, my life. I just want it all to get back to normal as soon as possible. When that will be? Without a closing date set I have no idea!

At this point I am dreading moving out. We have used all the good will we had with our buyers and have no more room to ask for more time. If I had my new house to look forward to I think the idea that we actually have to leave this house wouldn’t seem so sad. But it is. I am sad. I “thought” I was ready to move for so long…I have been looking forward to it for so long…but the fact that we will be homeless puts a bit of a damper on the whole process. So I am sad. The memories are all rushing in, and I let them. So many great ones from this house.