Holy moly have things been crazy around here. I am not quite sure I will make it through the month of December, but I will try. My nerves are on edge, and I just want all of this house buying/selling business to be over. I am vowing to NEVER move again. It’s horrible and awful and I don’t like it one bit. That being said we are almost there. The finish line is in site and we are one step closer to being in our new home. What is that step? Well, we sold our house. That’s right we no longer own our home. It’s extremely bittersweet and I haven’t totally processed that yet because we made an agreement where we would still live in our home for a little while longer. But technically we are no longer homeowners, and it’s weird.

I am so excited about our new house, but I really am going to miss our first home. We have so many great memories here. It’s weird to think that at this moment it no longer is mine. We are at a stand still with our mortgage just waiting for it all to come through so we can close on our new home. Our fingers are tightly crossed that we can do that BEFORE we have to move out. It will be close, and a lot of moving parts have to work in our favor, but I am trying to remain positive. If all goes well we will be able to move right from this home into our next.

We just decorated the last tree that we will have in this house. I waited to see how things would play out, but since we will be here for a few more weeks I knew I had to decorate the tree. Especially for our little man. He was such a big help (or hindrance depending on the moment). But it was fun to share it with him.

It’s all surreal. I know in my head that soon our moving trucks will pull away from this home for the last time VERY soon, but for a little while longer I just want to be here. I am in denial and haven’t packed much other than the things in our storage unit. I feel like I still need all that stuff in my every day life. How do I pack that now?

So at this point in time we own nothing. We are guests in our own home. I just can’t believe it! I think if I think about it too much I would just cry. Not that I’m not excited about our new home, but I think it’s ok to mourn what we are leaving behind. And that’s what I will do in the weeks to come.