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Today I Am Thankful For…

Today I am thankful for my little Tinkerbell, my dog and my best friend. In the picture above she is wearing her “I’m the big sister” shirt I got her when Christian was born. If you think about kid who’s been an only child for 6 years before another sibling comes along you can imagine […]

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Today I Am Thankful For…

Today I am thankful for my husband. That’s right dear readers, as much as I pick on him on this blog, I am truly thankful for him every day. He is my best friend, my support, my protector and my provider. I am one lucky lady. In particular I am thankful that I am able […]

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Birthday Celebrations!

Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes! I can’t believe my 30th birthday has now come and gone…and now I am just I feel like I was waiting for 30 to come for a few months now, and then it came, and then it was just all over. But tis the […]

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