Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes! I can’t believe my 30th birthday has now come and gone…and now I am just I feel like I was waiting for 30 to come for a few months now, and then it came, and then it was just all over. But tis the nature of birthdays right? I am now officially in my 30’s. Crazy! I had an amazing birthday and celebrated it exactly as I thought I would. With the people I love.

On Thursday (my actualy birthday) I was woken up by Captain Awesome with the most beautiful birthday present. Diamond Earrings! They were beautiful, and something that I will always have to remember this birthday. Tinkerbell got me a card, but The Captain reminded me that she did not take part in picking out my present. He said she didn’t have any money to fork over. I told him that was fine because her love was enough.(don’t laugh, this conversation really did happen!)

I planned on spending the day working, and hanging around the house. I went about my morning, and right around lunch time my doorbell rang. I didn’t think much of it when I answered, and when I opened the door I got an amazing surprise! My parents had come in from PA to celebrate my birthday! Now let me tell you, I am not one for surprises (hate them actually) and normally it’s extremely hard to surprise me since I’m so nosy, but somehow they succeeded! I couldn’t believe they were on my doorstep! I had spoken to them a bit during the morning (as usual) and even called my mom while she was driving. She rushed me off the phone and I was pretty upset she didn’t want to chat…but this certainly made up for that. But then I realized that my house was a complete disaster! (see that’s why surprises stink sometimes!) I later yelled at The Captain for allowing me to have the house look like that when he knew full well that they were coming, but then I forgave him for keeping such a special secret. My parents gave me a beautiful Tiffany’s necklace for my birthday. Another item that I will always have to remember this birthday!

Captain Awesome met us for lunch, and I spent the day with my parents while he was at work. Then we all met my inlaws at one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. My in laws were extremely generous and got me a Pandora bracelet for my birthday with 2 charms. The first was my birthstone, and the second was a Pooh Bear in honor of none other than the little Pooh Bear in my belly. It was very nice of them to celebrate my birthday with me.

Friday night was round 2 of the birthday celebrations. The Captain got us tickets to go see Avenue Q in NYC! It was such a funny show, and we both really enjoyed it. I felt bad after because The Captain tried to be all sweet after and take me out to a great place for dessert, but I was just so tired. Leave it to the pregnant woman to think about sleep more than anything else.

Saturday was spent poolside, and in the evening we went to dinner with one of my best friends and her husband. It was so nice of them to celebrate my birthday with me. I always have so much fun with them. (Thanks S and V!)

I will admit that I did miss indulging in a glass of wine (or 5) or a few martooni’s to mark the special occasion…but what else would you expect from a self proclaimed wino?? For this birthday Captain Awesome lived up to his name and made it so very special. I always knew my parents would do anything for me, but to drive all the way here for the night to celebrate my birthday meant the world to me. My 30th birthday was made very special by all the people in my life that I love. I am one lucky girls!