Last Minute Hostess

My husband has 2 work Christmas parties every year. One is the management party in which I am invited to, and the second is for the entire office which I am not invited to. Last year the party occurred on a very snowy December day. My husband called me to tell me that people cancelled […]

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Gonna Party Like it’s 1985!!

Oh ya that’s right folks! This past weekend my husband and I hosted an 80’s party! I have been wanting to do it for so long, since I love all things 80’s and I finally got it done! I was so happy with the turnout and how excited people got about dressing up in all […]

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The Art Of The Hostess Gift

I watch a lot of TV shows and on those shows people are always bringing some nice gift when they go to a party. The Oprah Winfrey show has many shows in which you are told about things she loves, and items she likes to give as a gift to others. Some of her shows […]

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The Art Of The Dinner Party

I love being the hostess. That is no shocker to anyone that knows me. It doesn’t matter what is going on, I just know that I like when people come over to my house. One thing I really love doing, that I certainly don’t do enough is host a dinner party. I get very excited to […]

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If You Want To Play You’ve Gotta Pay..

This past weekend was one of my best friends Bachelorette Parties! She is an amazing person and I was so excited to have a night out with the girls and party like rock stars! And party like rock stars we did! Growing up my parents used to use two sayings….the first being “If you want […]

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