I love being the hostess. That is no shocker to anyone that knows me. It doesn’t matter what is going on, I just know that I like when people come over to my house. One thing I really love doing, that I certainly don’t do enough is host a dinner party. I get very excited to use my china, and have people over and have great dinner conversation. But it seems, at least of the people that I know, that the art of the dinner party seems to have been forgotten. I know I certainly have a lot to learn, but I am very willing to try…and I think that’s a good start.

In books I’ve read, and TV shows I’ve watched the main character is invited to a party in which the evening starts out with some cocktails and moves on to a dinner in which they are seated next to a random person, and over the course of dinner they find that the person they are sitting next to is actually interesting…and a contact or a relationship is made. I think that sounds so fun! Having a dinner party that puts different groups of people together that you think would mesh? I guess I don’t know enough people to actually do that, but the idea sounds fun to me. But as a consolation, I have decided to start hosting dinner parties for my friends.

I eventually would love to play the corporate wife role and have my husband’s business contacts and friends over for dinner…but I need a lot more practice before that happens! Plus, our current home can only sit 6 people around our dinner table. So that pretty much limits who I can invite. For now I will stick to cooking with my friends.

How about the dress code for a dinner party? On TV and in Movies the people always dress nice to attend a dinner party. Women in dresses and men in at least nice slacks. Now, when I have people over everyone is in jeans. Is that just how it is? Am I just a victim of the TV shows and Movies I watch? Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s not real life…but a girl can dream right?

I guess I can forgive the dress code for now…at this point I will focus on getting great friends together for great dinner conversation,  good food (at least I hope so) and good wine. I’m bringing back the art of the dinner party!  So who’s coming over first? Any takers?