I have been a peanut butter lover all my life..well at least as long as I can remember. So much so that EVERY DAY of high school, a peanut butter sandwich was packed into my lunch. I could eat peanut butter every day and not get tired of it. Now that is love folks. Growing up, Jifwas the peanut butter brand of choice in my house, and it still is today. I am sure any peanut butter lover would tell you that they can definitely tell the difference between peanut butter brands…and I am here to tell you it’s true. Over the years I have never strayed. I am an avid crunchy peanut butter lover, but will eat the creamy kind if it’s what is available. Now let’s bring my husband into the picture. He takes lots of vitamins, and believes that things like tea tree oil and oil of oregano will cure his hurting tooth that needs a root canal. (so not true but I digress) My husband also likes natural peanut butter…and before I go into the whole background I gotta tell ya…it’s good!

My husband and I always had 2 jars of peanut butter. His natural and my regular. A while back when I began to get a little weight conscious I decided I would give his natural peanut butter a try…and although I will admit it’s not the same as the standard Jif peanut butter it was really good! Now you may be asking why, if I love regular peanut butter so much would I write about natural peanut butter in a Things I Love Thursday post…well the answer is because I do actually really like it! It still has great peanut butter taste, but also is healthier for me..so why not love it??

My husband being the Natural Peanut butter lover that he is has found other brands of the natural peanut butter to be healthier, and this is true. I actually do also like those brands even though you have to stir them and stuff. Jif’s natural brand has more of a consistency of their regular brand. The nutritional values aren’t as good as the others, but if you are looking to be even the littlest bit healthier, but worry about the taste then this stuff is for you.

I will admit that when it comes to the tried and true peanut butter and jelly sandwich I stick with my regular crunchy Jif. But when it comes to peanut butter on my toast for breakfast or peanut butter spread on apples or crackers I choose the natural kind. It does the trick and still tastes great! So I give it my stamp of approval (for whatever that’s worth)

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