I haven’t participated in The Diaper Diarie’s Things I Love Thursday for a while, and I figured it was time!

Since becoming pregnant I have found sleeping through the night a process. If I’m not up peeing, then I’m tossing and turning due to being uncomfortable. And now that I’ve hit the 20 week mark it’s gotten even worse. Everyone mentioned trying a pregnancy pillow, but I found that they were so expensive, so I tried everything else in the book. Unfortunately, that did not work! So I needed to bring in some reinforcements. After doing some research I found that alot of people recommended the Snoogle. It’s a big, long pillow that wraps around your body, providing support for head, back, and legs. Since I continued to procrastinate getting one it took my mom to generously buy me one before I could see the true genious of this pillow! Pregnant women, and non pregnant women…I’m telling you this pillow is AWESOME!

I hesitated writing this post because I was upset with the company for not responding to my e mails. I understand that they didn’t want to send me a free Snoogle…fine whatever…but at least write back and tell me that you pass. So I didn’t want to give this pillow free press…BUT…it is so comfortable that I just had to share. It would be unfair of me not to! How could I keep this to myself??

Basically the pillow is great no matter which way you sleep. They say the best position for a pregnant woman is on her left side (more nutrients get to baby), but personally I tend to sleep on all sides, and even my back (but don’t tell anyone!). No matter what this pillow offers support. It’s great head support and relieves pressure from my shoulders. For some reason my left shoulder hurts when I sleep on my left side…not anymore! If you sleep facing away from the pillow it is almost as if someone is spooning your back. It gives such great comfort! If you turn towards the pillow you get to snuggle up with some of the pillow resting nicely between your knees! Great for your back! Like I said no matter what it’s got you covered.

So no…I didn’t get anything for writing this post, only honest to goodness opinion. This pillow is pretty bad ass, and I figure I will continue to use it even when I’m NOT pregnant. Word on the street is that it will be helpful during breast feeding time too! Perfect! I highly recommend you giving it a try.

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