Ding, Ding Ding! Round 1 of registering has begun. Jen and The Captain 1: Big chain store 0! wooo whoo! Ok, I think that’s a bit of a lie…the big store totally owned us. As much as I went in there with a game plan I still found everything overwhelming, but the good news is that Captain Awesome and I got a lot of our big ticket items registered for. Now lets hope we get them!

As I have said before I am approaching this whole baby thing, and registering thing as a learn as you go type of situation. Everyone is different, and has different needs, so I should figure out what will work for me/us. Now only if it were that easy! I did a lot of research, spoke to friends, and relied heavily on the Baby Bargains Book. That’s how I am making decisions these days. So when the day finally arrived for the Captain and I to make our first pass at the registry I figured I was good and ready. I think The Captain dreaded this part, but I told him I just wanted him there for the big stuff. I thought it was important for him to be a part of it, and I’m glad he accommodated.

So here is a list of what I have decided on thus far. I won’t bore you with a complete list, but here are some of the bigger items, and what I decided we needed.

Graco Snugride Lotus

Let’s first start with the infant car seat. I decided to go with the Graco Snugride Lotus. I know the Graco Snugride 35 is very popular, but I’m a HUGE wuss and needed the lightest one they had. I was told the Lotus was it. I felt the weight difference between them all, and I think up to 22 lbs is more than fine. I asked them, and I was told that the baby would most likely be out of this seat before 22 lbs anyway..so here is my infant seat! I also decided to go with the Snap and Go piece for this seat. I had no interest in a full on travel system. Especially since I live in the suburbs and will really be just putting the kid in the car and using the stroller to go in and out of stores. I wanted the easiest and lightest thing possible, so I was told the snap and go was it.

Baby Jogger: City Mini

Ahhh the stroller. This one stumped me a bit but in the end we ended up with the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. I have gotten good recommendations for this stroller and it came recommended for suburban living in the Baby Bargains book. Why? well it’s light weight, easily folds, but has the features of alot of the bulkier strollers. I personally loved the one step fold up! you just grab this handle in the center and Voila! It folds! Not to mention that I don’t need things like big wheels for off roading, or sand use. And I certainly will not be jogging! (ya right!) so don’t let the name fool you. This baby looks like it’s going to be perfect for what I need…See the pattern? Light and EASY!

Graco Pack and Play

I got a little stuck on the pack and play. What do I need when it comes to this?? Right now I am registered for 2 lol. 1 is less expensive, but I don’t LOVE the pattern, the 2nd is more expensive but do I need the bells and whistles? What do I plan to do with it? In the house I am hoping to keep it downstairs where I will have my office. I want to be able to change him there, and have him sleep in the bassinet part while down there. I also need it to turn into the play yard for travel, and or if we go outside. So what do you think? Here are the two. The one to the left is more than the one to the right…

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

We got stumped on the high chair. I had my book and was ready to go with their top picks and found that it wasn’t at the store. This threw me off. The person helping us was pushing a very expensive one and I just got confused. Do I need to have a fancy high chair? Do I go with the childlike one the book recommends even though it will look horrible in the house? So we waited. I came home and put it out there on Twitter, and my Facebook Fan Page. People liked the fisher price space saver! I was pretty relieved actually. It’s cute, it’s little, perfect! I appreciated the feedback!

Little Lamb Swing and Bouncy Seat

This little swing was just so soft and cute I couldn’t resist! I also registered for the matching bouncy seat. I hope our little Pooh Bear likes it because mommy wishes she could swing in it!

So there are some of our big ticket items! We also registered for the standard tummy time mat, and excersaucer. Even with the recall I decided to register for the Nap Nanny. I have heard good things about it and I hate when people’s stupidity creates fear and recalls for others. I went with the Ergobaby carrier over the more well known Baby Bjorn. The only reason here was because it has an infant insert, and also was better recommended in my Baby Bargains Book. I really hope I like this baby wearing thing because it sounds great to me!

So what do you think? Did we do good in round 1????