I have been so happy watching my little man be so excited about the arrival of his little sister. Don’t get me wrong…I know that he will be over the excitement quickly once he realizes the changes she is going to bring into our home (I give it about two weeks), but for now he couldn’t be more excited to talk about her and include her in his conversations. I think he’s ready to be a big brother.

It’s adorable to see him so interested. I guess it’s because he is older and understands more. From the moment he found out that he was going to be a big brother he began talking about his baby almost every day. He decided on the nickname of Hop Hop and Girl Girl, and stuck to his guns when we found out she would be a girl. He hugs, cuddles and kisses my belly daily, and loves to talk about the things “girl girl” will be able to do with us in the future.

Now, as we are days away from her arrival he is even more excited. Me? I am a little nervous. I know he will be great, but how will he react? I am doing my best to include him in all things baby, and to make him feel special. So far he’s had the hardest time with her getting things and him not. My only saving grace in all of it is that her things are pink. I have a feeling that if I was having a boy he’d have a lot more trouble. I mean he was OK with the pink stuffed animals, and clothes, and pacifiers. If they were blue it may have been a different story

big brother 1

I let him pick out the big brother shirts to wear to the hospital. I may have went overboard and gotten two, but I figure two days at the hospital? Why not! It’s been a struggle not allowing him to wear them till the big day, but so far so good. I also packed him some “big brother gifts”. In my bag for the hospital I have a present that we will give him that will be from his sister, and I have a gift bag packed that someone will give him when he finds out I went to the hospital. I am hoping presents will distract him from the fact that mommy isn’t there. We have been working through some separation issues when it’s me who is leaving the house, so I am not exactly sure how it will all go.

A little while back we got him a big brother book. After reaching out to see what people recommended we went with I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole. It’s simple and basic but he loves to hear it. It’s funny to hear him quote back things about babies during the day. Like… ” Babies cry to tell you something is wrong”. He also seems to like the Bernstein Bears New baby book too.

I think he is as ready as he’ll ever be. I guess only time will tell how well this plays out. Either way I am enjoying watching him take it all in. He is so curious and inquisitive and I love to talk to him about his new baby sister. I will cherish the times that we sat together while he felt her hiccups. He says that’s his favorite. All his training these past few months are getting ready to come into play! I think we are ready!