Is It Worth Refinancing My Mortgage?

Post by Jack Just when we think mortgage interest rates can’t go any lower, they drop lower.  Watching others sign mortgages for one or two percent less in interest than you pay can be frustrating.  Each extra percent of interest you pay may feel like money slipping through your fingers.  You may wonder, should I […]

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Active Menu Planning

My husband was talking to his friend, and this friend told him that he and his wife were actively trying to save money on food. They decided that for the month of September they would only eat out on Friday and Saturday nights, and eat in and cook the rest of the week. Just by […]

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1 Year and Credit Card Debt Free!

Pop the Champagne! It’s time to celebrate!!! A little while back I posted about the fact that I have not used credit cards for 1 year! That trend is still going, but now it’s time to celebrate an even bigger accomplishment. Being Credit Card Debt Free!!!!  Yesterday my husband went to the bank and paid […]

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1 Year Credit Card Free!

Those that know me know how much I hate credit cards. I honestly believe that giving people credit who don’t deserve it is the reason this country is in the predicament it is in today. And even if you do deserve it?? If you can’t pay it in full every month then you can’t afford […]

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Me Vs. Sprint: Jen- 0 Sprint- 1

I have had many a battle with phone companies. I was a Verizon subscriber for many years, but after a huge falling out, I refuse to ever have Verizon Cell phone service again. (Down With Verizon!). After I paid to leave my contract with them, I switched to T-Mobile. I LOVED T Mobile and had […]

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