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Baby’s First Haircut

  My little fuzz head is a fuzz head no more! Captain Awesome and I finally took the leap and took our little man for his first hair cut. Ok, if I am being honest it was me that was holding us back. I just didn’t feel like he I was ready. But after many […]

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He Walks!

My little man, aka Frankenstein, is officially walking! Look out world! I am so excited for this milestone but also so very scared. There’s no turning back now….

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Food Glorious Food!

The time has come for my little man to start eating more than breast milk. Can you believe it?? I can’t believe that I have started to feed him real food! Ok, well not real food, but cereal for now. I even tried it and it really isn’t that bad! Anyway….it was somewhat of a […]

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