My little fuzz head is a fuzz head no more! Captain Awesome and I finally took the leap and took our little man for his first hair cut. Ok, if I am being honest it was me that was holding us back. I just didn’t feel like he I was ready. But after many a nap where he woke up with his hair standing all which way, with nothing I could do, I figured it was time that he got his first big boy hair cut.

My biggest criteria that he got to sit in some sort of kid chair. Whether it be a car, or airplane, I knew I didn’t just want him to sit in a regular seat. My next criteria was that I didn’t pay a fortune for a kids cut. You’d be surprised at how expensive it can be! I just couldn’t pay $30 for his hair cut when mine costs $37. I just wasn’t going to do it! So we ended up going to Rafeal Barber Shop in Plainview.

One Saturday morning The Captain and I packed up our little man and went to the barber. We chose the Lightning Mcqueen “cars” themed chair and were ready to go. I made it CLEAR that I didn’t want much cut off. The guy was great at working with Christian’s “mood”. He kept swinging his head around like “who is this guy and why is he touching my head?”. They put on a movie, although that wasn’t much of a distraction.

The Captain and I danced around trying to distract him by whatever means necessary to make it through the cut without complications. In the end we succeeded! Pictures were taken and we were on our way.

We got home, and I called my friend to talk about the experience. She said “so did you keep the hair for the baby book?”. Then my heart fell people. I DID NOT KEEP THE HAIR! I burst into tears immediately and she had to talk me down from calling myself the most horrible mom in the world. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! How horrible am I?

The Captain tried to console me as much as possible. I was in complete tears by now. He was like “we can fix it”, and I was like “no we can’t”. In the end we cut a small piece off ourselves for the book. It’s not the same….It’s just not. I am still so mad at myself!

Can you keep a secret? I’m going to take hair from his 2nd hair cut and put it in the book. Either I’ll forget that it was from the 2nd, or it will be something I’ll laugh about later. For now I still feel horrible.

Other than that we made it through with flying colors…my little man has officially been to the barber!