We did it! We made another HUGE decision and finally purchased our nursery furniture! (Thanks again mom and dad!) It feels so good to be able to check that  off the list. I’m really good at once a decision is made moving on and not second guessing (well at least when it comes to furniture lol). As you can see we decided on a dark wood. The set is the April Collection for Creations, in Espresso, and we bought the set at Behrs, which is a family owned children’s furniture store on Long Island.

It really came down to letting Captain Awesome make the decision. My head was all over the place. I had 4 colors picked out and 4 different sets. I liked them all. I was driving myself crazy worrying about so many things, and in the end most of it didn’t reall matter. He liked a dark color from the beginning, and I think it will look great in the nursery. We got the crib, the changing table (which is the hutch in the picture with out the shelf), and the night stand. I also was able to get the glider I really wanted! It’s so comfortable and I think I will be happy rocking little Pooh Bear there as much as I need. 

In my last post about the furniture, I mentioned being worried about the furniture being made in China, and I thank everyone for their comments about it. In the end we decided not to worry about it. Especially when I found out that Bellini who is said to have furniture made in Italy/Canada as per the Baby Bargains book actually is made in China! Ya..not cool. Actually, when I asked the people at the store they openly told me they haven’t been able to produce in Italy since they switched to the Euro. I thought more about it and realized that I can worry about the crib, but what about most of the toys the kid will be playing with? Most likely made in China! And when you think about it, most anything the kid will encounter will be made in China, so I am not going to go crazy over it.

As for my worry about the crib growing with our little boy? Another thing I am not worrying about now. I saw a similar set, made into the full bed and it looked great! So if he does want to use this set than perfect. And even if a 4 year old doesn’t want it, I am sure a little older 10 year old will. And if not? What am I to do? Who knows what he will want?? For now I think it’s perfect!

So I’m really excited. I can’t believe it will be here in October! It just feels so good to have the decision made. Now once I choose a bedding set, I can get onto painting, then decorating! Oh the joys! So many fun things to look forward to!