When it comes to Pediatrics the “Sears” name holds a lot of water. So when I was given the opportunity to ask Dr. Robert Sears a few questions I jumped at the chance. Then I was told that the topics to be covered were about colic and I paused. My son is 14 months…I don’t need to know about colic! But then I remembered my dear readers. I am sure many of you HAVE had a child with colic, and others of you HAD or WILL HAVE a child with colic in the future. Heck, even I may have a child with colic next time around. So I was excited for the chance to get some answers from Dr. Bob himself.

How  to identify colic

According to Dr. Bob, colic is a digestive disorder that leaves babies gassy and uncomfortable. This leaves them cranky. When babies are uncomfortable the only way for them to tell you is to cry. My son was not colicky, and for this I was thankful. I can only imagine how hard it is, that no matter what you try you are unable to make your baby comfortable.

Some causes and treatments of colic

Based on this interview, it seems that Dr. Bob puts a connection between colic and the inability for baby to digest either the milk proteins in breastmilk or cows milk based formula. Now, a new study shows that it could also be caused by a temporary lactose intolerance. This new find has brought on a new product called Colief, which is a lactaid drop that is given before each feeding for breastfeeding moms, and into the formula for formula fed babies. This Colief has been over in Europe for a while, and now is just coming into the US. I can only imagine the relief it can give some parents who have felt lost with no help in site.

Keep in mind that this Colief can only help those babies who’s colic is caused by a temporary lactose intolerance. Not when it’s caused by an intolerance for milk protein.

If you are looking to get more information about this new find you can go to www.relievecolic.com , and you can also follow Dr. Bob’s tweets @colief to get the most up to date information!