I have this picture of my little man in a frame in my room. When I first saw the 3D sonogram pictures I was shocked and amazed. Most of them made him look like Benjamin Button! A little old man! At the time, no pictures stood out, but now, when I look at this one I see that his face is amazingly the same. Although a little distorted, this is the face he makes right before I wake him up when he is asleep in the car. He purses his little lips. When he was just born he would make this face if I tried to wake him up. It’s a face that he has made ALOT over the past year.

It’s crazy to realize that this photo was taken of my little guy at about 29 weeks in my belly. What is even more crazy is how true this little face really is. It’s a facial expression that I see all the time and I love it.

Just wanted to share….