As you all know my little boy turned one recently, and of course we celebrated his first birthday by throwing him party. I think I dreamed about my son’s first birthday since the day he was born, and I just can’t believe it has now come and gone. We chose a Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme because my guy can’t get enough of Mickey Mouse, (especially the Hot Dog dance! He’s love that since he was only months old!) and I had a blast playing off that theme. A: I love anything Disney, and B: It’s a pretty basic and easy theme. I had alot of help that made the day fantastic, not to mention our little guy did AMAZING! Fun was had by all!

We had alot to do on the morning of since we decided to host the party at our neighborhood’s clubhouse. That meant that nothing could be set up till that day. With a few minor glitches (like me sending The Captain to the wrong BJ’s to pick up the hero ooppss), we got the place nice and decorated according the theme with lots of primary colors and of course lot of Mickey Mouse!

We decided to hire a photographer. Why the expense? Well I honestly LOVE to relive special days through photos, and I wanted to be sure not to miss a thing. I knew it would be a hectic day, and I’ve got to tell you it was a GREAT decision. Cat, from Cat Dunbar Photography and Graphic Design did an AMAZING job! She was everywhere all at once, and even took some time to take some portrait type shots. I loved seeing her pictures a few days after the party, because it reminded me of what a great day it really was.

One of the best things we did was hire a waitress. I can’t stress enough how AMAZING Lori was. A true lifesaver. She really took care of everything behind the scenes for me so I didn’t have to stress about it. She set up the food tables, offered suggestions, put out lunch when it was time and even chopped the salad. Even better than all that…she cleaned everything up! She did all that and more, and all with out being asked. That was the best part. She was a true professional, and having her there allowed me to have a stress free day. If you are looking for someone to work your party I HIGHLY recommend Lori.

I am by no means a baker so the decision was easy when it came to the cake. We decided to use the woman who did our Christening cupcakes. Pati, of Paticakes. She does such an amazing job decorating, and better than they they taste so good! Come on…don’t they look yummy!?

I am not sure any color we could’ve chosen would’ve been good, but for Christian’s personal smash cake we went with blue…You know how that ended…

It ended with a quick run back to our house to give him a bath. It was so much fun though! I always knew I’d want my kid to smash his first birthday cake and Christian didn’t disappoint. He wasn’t crazy about actually eating the cake, but smearing his hands all in it was a BLAST!

We chose to have the party at 11:30 and think it was perfect. It was right after his nap, so he was in a great mood most of the day. I think people forget that kids parties are about them, not the adults, so planning around the child’s schedule is the way to go. That’s just my opinion of course.

I had every intention of Christian opening his presents at the party but it just was too much going on.I was bummed, and even when we decided to open presents once things settled down, I found myself opening them all. He could’ve cared less!!! Oh well…maybe next year.

I want to thank all the family who helped to set up, as well as the family and friends who stayed behind to help clean up. I gotta tell you, those are some real friends!

In my eyes the party was exactly what I wanted it to be. I can’t believe my son’s first birthday is over. It’s all a blur, but I promise you I will remember it forever.

Photographer: Cat Dunbar Photography:

Waitress: Lori [email protected]

Cupcakes/Cake: PatiCakes