Dear Christian,

Can you really be one already? It seems like yesterday that I was writing your first letter when you were one week old. You have come so far in 365 days. Each day has brought you so many new and exciting things. You’ve gone from an infant who slept all day, to a little boy who can almost walk. I am so happy and excited that I’ve gotten to share every one of those days with you.

At 1 year you weight 21.13 lbs and are 30 1/4 inches. You have 4 teeth and the most amazing heartwarming smile. Your smile brightens my day every day, and I hope you stay such a smiley little boy. You have so many people who love you.

I will admit that you are getting a mind of your own, and you have a bit of a temper. I will only admit to it here, but it’s really hard to say no to you! You are just too darn cute, but I know that I have to show you that mommy is boss…NOT Christian. I think this may be a battle we have the rest of our lives, but I hope we can find some sort of balance. I will apologize for being so frustrating, but you have to trust that I know what’s best.

You are so close to taking your first steps. You can take a few small steps on your own, but you don’t have the confidence to try with out help. You will get there my little man. I promise not to rush you. I think I have done pretty good at not wishing the time away. As a matter of fact, I already wish I could slow time down.

I recently nursed you for the last time. We made it an entire year. It was extremely hard for me to be done, but you took it like a champ. It’s weird that my body has been at your beck and call for so many months, and now we are free. I will miss that special time we shared, but I promise that I will still hold you close and cuddle you in different ways. I think we both need that.

Your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party was a complete success. So many friends and family came to celebrate your first birthday! You partied hard and took on the cake a like a champ. I loved planning the big day. It will be a memory I get to have forever. From the day you were born I imagined your first birthday party and at the time it seemed so far away. Now, it has come and gone and I am left shocked by how fast the time has went. Were you not just an infant cradled in my arm?

This past year has been the most amazing year my little man. I am proud to be your mommy, and can’t wait to see what is in store for us next year. Every day I get to give you hugs and kisses, hold your hand and show you the world. There is no better job. I am truly blessed that I get to be home with you every day. I would never trade that in for anything.

Welcome to being a Toddler!

Love, Mommy