I say this every year, but I will say it again….how are you FOUR!? I thought this birthday would be easy but it wasn’t. As I look at you I see less and less of my baby and toddler and more of a little boy! I can’t help but reflect and look back on pictures and think about all the wonderful things we did together over the past four years. And just thinking of it all makes me smile because little man you make me smile every day.

Three began a little rough. If I recall correctly you turned into a bit of a whiney terror the moment you turned three. I thought to myself “what happened to my sweet little boy!?” The good news is that my sweet boy returned around 3 1/2. It was tough and go because I was so tired and cranky because your little sister was in my belly, but I am happy to report you realized that a happy mommy is better than a mad one. That’s not to say you don’t still have your fits, but they are less and less. It’s good because it seems you don’t like to make me upset and are always remorseful after a tantrum. It’s good to know that you care about my feelings. Will you feel that way in years to come? I hope! What cases the tantrum? Usually a toy that you want and I won’t get you. See, you are a bit spoiled and I blame all your grandparents for that one. And I get the brunt of it because I refuse to just buy you the thing when you ask. That’s the one thing we need to work on in the future. You can’t always get what you want is a good lesson.

This year you became a big brother! I should say the BEST big brother! You love your sister so much and are so good to her. I know siblings will fight but I am hoping you will continue to love her like you do now. I am hoping you will be her protector. No matter what happens you have far exceeded my expectations.

Me and you are best buds and you get sad when I leave which is almost never. It breaks my heart when you cry when I do because it’s so rare, but I don’t truly mind because I know someday you won’t want me around. It will be then that I look back on these years and remember how you were my buddy and always by y side. I love it, and will take it as long as you will have me.

You have such a big heart. It’s hard to explain but you honestly care about others and their feelings. It hurts you to see someone else cry and you always try to make it better. If you do something wrong and I get mad or upset you always try to make me happy again. It’s so very sweet.

Our biggest point of contentions is the fact that you could still care less about food. I am sure I will look back at this when you are a teenager and eating me out of house and home and wish for the days when you ate like a bird, but for now it’s frustrating. I keep telling myself that you are not a glutton, and it’s better off that way, but when I am finger feeding you your dinner I get frustrated. It’s time to feed yourself little man!

Your speech had gotten so much better! I can see your confidence building and I think we can credit your speech classes. You are in OT also and struggling with that and as your mom it pains me to see you struggle. I’m just happy you are getting the services that you need now. You are a chatterbox at home, and sometimes I find myself frustrated, but then I remember that you just want to talk to your mom, and your questions are all about you learning about the world…so I stop…smile…and talk back. It’s important that you know I love to listen.

You are thriving in school. It’s great to watch you learn! I get to be in your classroom once a month and watch you. It really is fun to watch you participate in class and learn. it’s even more fun when you show daddy and I something you learned in class at home. You are so super smart but I have to say LAZY! You quit easily and you don’t like to sit and work on things with me. You work better with daddy but it’s me at home with you during the day. I think we will struggle with this for years to come.

I hate to be a bragging mom but I am proud of the little man you have become so far. I still look at you while we are snuggling before bed and think “where did this big boy come from?” Time goes by so fast little man. I love you. I can’t wait to find out what this year brings us.