Dear Christian,

I feel kind of guilty that it has taken me so long to write this post, but it’s kind of been hard for me to write it. I feel like each year you grow I struggle, but this year may have been the hardest yet. I think this year, and this birthday has brought so much change in you and in our life. It’s change that you are embracing and one that I am struggling with. This was the first birthday in a long time that you didn’t cry about growing older. It was the first time you were excited about it. As your mom I was so proud and so excited for your new year ahead….but at the same time I cried. You are such a big little boy now.

This year brought the start of Kindergarten. When you turned 6 you already had almost 3 whole months of it under your belt. You got on the bus like a champ and took on the new full day schedule like one too. I am the class mom in your school and you even questioned whether the kids would make fun of you if I came into the classroom. Is that supposed to start already? Last year you cherished your special days! The good news is that as time went on you learned that the other kids wished their mom was in class and now love it…but that first time punched me in the gut dear boy. It was a glimpse of what will be my future.

I see the beginning of your new independence and you like it. You are happy to do more things on your own and you run off most times with out barely a glance. You think you are so big now. This fall/winter you are in Tai Kwon Do (tiny tigers green belt), basketball and you did soccer too. Coming up will be Tai Kwon Do, Lacrosse and soccer. You love to be “doing”. Your schedule keeps me and your sister on our toes but we both love it. She loves to sit and watch you.

Speaking of your sister, you are an amazing big brother. Of course she annoys you like any big sister, but I am starting to see you both play. She adores you, and I hope soon you see how much fun it can be to play with a sibling. Watching you two interact is hysterical. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have to act like a referee! It can be maddening!

You still love to snuggle me. It truly is my favorite because you are the best snuggler. You can find the coziest spot on my side and fit right there. You still ask to have “sleep overs” with me and of course I say yes. I limit it to the weekends but between you and me I’d be happy to cuddle with you at night all the time.

The theme of this year seems to be growth and change. You are doing amazing with it. I am so proud of you. You have taken all the new things this year and embraced it. Maybe I am too…who knows. What I do know is that sometimes at night as I check on you before bed I see how big you’ve really gotten. Then I walk out the door and see a collage that was made when you were one and see how far you’ve come. Are you really 6?

Thus far the hardest and biggest transition years for me were 1, 3 and 6…’s to hoping that 7 will be a walk in the park for me because I know it will be great for you. I love you my little man. You have so many amazing things ahead and as always I am excited to go along for the ride.

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Lauren Photos