Dear Christian,

I sincerely apologize that it took me so long to write you this note, but life happens and this blog has gotten less attention. I have so many of your milestones and life moments documented here and I will be forever grateful to be able to read about them for years to come. As I sat down to write this I had the same feeling that I have every time I have written you a birthday letter. How in the world are you SEVEN??? When did this happen? When did my baby boy become such a really “little boy”. Time slips by way too fast and I blink and you are in first grade.

One word that I can use to describe you this year is confident. I worried about you a bit during your Kindergarten year because you seemed to worry about so much. This year, you enter each day, and go to bed each night with confidence. Maybe sometimes too much! Each night before bed you seem so happy and content and I feel such happiness that you live each day that way. You have an amazing little first grade class and I think that adds to your confidence. Your teacher (Mrs. Owen) knows exactly how to push you. You thrive with positive reinforcement and seem to like Math the best. You certainly didn’t get that from me! I wish you liked to read more, but I think it’s because you struggle with it.

You love to play sports. You currently play soccer, and lacrosse. In the winter you did basketball, and we just took a break from your TKD classes. Although you’d like me to I can’t do it all! As of now I get your sister’s activities out of the way during the day, but I am not sure how I will manage being torn in 2 directions! With our busy schedule I definitely miss our down time. I miss our cuddling on the couch, and just relaxing. Between school, activities, homework and your love of video games with your daddy I am feeling a void. I know it will only get worse, so I promise to do my best to “make time” for us.

You are so much like your dad. I see how it sometimes has you two butting heads, but it makes me laugh. You can be stubborn! If we don’t ask you at the right time or the right way to do something you say “no way” and won’t budge. Even if we know you will enjoy doing what we propose. I learned a long time with your dad it’s not about what your asking its about when and in what manner. It’s about timing, and it’s the exact same for you! You may look like your dad, and act like your dad in many ways, but you are such a sweet boy and that makes up for all the push backs. You honestly care about my feelings and the feelings of others. I can’t claim that you are always an angel, but I will say that most of the time if you do act up it’s not out of being malicious. I am grateful for that. You are over all a very good kid.

When it comes to being a big brother I have to say most of the time you are good. I want to instill in you that you and your sister are family and I want you to grow to have her back above all. For now you find it funny to tease her with your friends, and trust me she takes it, but just know that she thinks you are the greatest. When you “decide” that you want to play with her you two laugh oh so much. You have the best time, and it’s in those moments I secretly listen and smile. That is why you have a sibling. I hope you learn to cherish that.

You are one amazing little dude. You really are. I have created a boy who wants my attention, and loves having his parents be a part of his activities. We have so many fun times as a family and I love it. I still want to stop time though. I am reminded so often how big you really are, and I am terrified. That’s nothing new really. I used to think it every month when you were an infant, but now I see so many glimpses into my future. It goes fast. Too fast and I hope I am doing enough to enjoy the moments like people say. I want to, I try to, and I will continue to do so. I love you my little man.

Love, mom