Today I dropped my kids off at school and took a moment by myself to stop at the grocery store. I didn’t have much time before I needed to do some work, but I NEEDED some food and made a quick stop. I was so happy and thankful to do this errand by myself. It’s amazing how quickly I can do it without a little munchkin with me chatting my ear off. Then, I looked out my car window and saw the coveted pink car shopping cart. The one that my daughter searches for every time we get to the grocery store and there it was. It was right next to me in a spot that would have us running or searching to grab it first. But she wasn’t there. I didn’t need that pink car shopping cart today, and I was reminded that someday I will NEVER need that pink car shopping cart again. Then I got sad.

I know, I know I haven’t written in forever and here I go again writing about how sad I am that my kids are growing up. But it’s true. I get so wrapped up in my busy day that thankfully I don’t always get to think about these things, but then again I get reminded so often that my babies are getting big.

So I decided that I need to get back into writing on this blog. I don’t do it for anyone else but myself really. I love to look back and see my old thoughts. It allows me to revisit memories that I sometimes forget about. If I don’t keep track it will slip away all too quickly, and if I don’t write it down will I remember?

Today I took a moment to remember that I will someday be sad that I don’t need that pink car shopping cart. I want to remember this feeling while I am running through the parking lot with my 3 year old in tow trying to get it first. Or nodding to the other mom in the store who got it first while I then have to be reminded that I failed to get the pink car shopping cart by my little girl. But today there it was…..reminding me that it’s there, and will be for a bit…..and to try to enjoy it!