halloween-paradesAnd the hits just keep on coming! Do you know what today was? It was my son’s LAST Halloween parade at school. You know the one….where the kids get adorably dressed up and walk past you and smile and wave? Ya…today was my last. It’s over. Never will happen again with my son. NEVER! Sorry to say there were more tears. Surprised? Probably not.

Sorry to be such a Debbie downer recently but I have always used this blog as my personal therapy. I always appreciate when I put something out there and people contact me and tell me they feel the same…it’s nice…it’s therapeutic. That’s what I need these days…therapy.

He has had 4 Halloween parades at school and I have loved them all. He has always been so proud to walk past and wave and sing his songs. Today that was no different. He has been whispering his songs around the house and I pretend I don’t hear them when he asks me. He smiles and tells me it’s a surprise. I love it. This year I am fortunate to be class mom so I got to be in the classroom for the party, but after this year I guess I just send him on his way to school in his costume. No more parade! I can’t figure out why that is though. Kids love Halloween parades…no?

Like everything else this year I am reminded of how quickly time passes and how fleeting these years are. The good news is that I know I have many years left of him wanting to dress up and participate in Halloween. Other good news is that Tessa hasn’t even started her Halloween parade years so I have some good time left in me there. But that doesn’t make me feel any better about adding another last to my list. I’ll just mourn that for a minute and be on my way.