I had a “friend” on facebook say that they wish they could speak to a white woman who “unbelievably” voted for Trump. I wanted to comment there, but then I decided what’s the point? So here I am. An educated, white female who voted for Donald Trump. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and active member of my community. As angry as those are who wished the outcome were different, I am just as angry for my personal character being called out daily. I am not a racist, bigot, or a horrible, deplorable person. Do you realize what you are saying? Do you realize that the judgment you think you hear from Trump is spewing from your mouth? If you ask me the posts I woke up on Wednesday were more hateful than anything? Love not hate right? Maybe you should first live that in your own life.

See, I believe that teaching our children starts at home. If you want to go a step further it then comes down to the community you live in and the people you surround yourself with. Think about that next time you post on facebook. I would bet that there is someone you call friend, neighbor or family member who voted different than you. How do you spew that hatred of the other side and then call them a friend? You may feel like you are the one crying at home, but I will tell you that I get personally hurt and offended every time I see the things YOU post on facebook. Think about that for a second.

The President of the United States is NOT responsible for your happiness. He doesn’t have to be your role model. People loved JFK and he was banging Marilyn Monroe behind the scenes. Don’t get me started on President Clinton getting blow jobs under the desk at the oval office…then lying about it! Let’s talk about character there???  Do you let your kids watch sports, or look up to an actor or singer? Maybe that’s what you should focus on more. The drinking and drugs and language is much more concerning. Your children only know what YOU are teaching them at home. Does your kid need the weight of the world on their shoulders at 5? I know I don’t want to put that on my son.

We are a country of different opinions. That’s what makes us great. Why are we letting the news and false facts sway us? Our news is no longer news it’s sensationalism. There is no more unbiased news outlet. We take facebook articles and statements as facts and repeat them. We are looking

at our neighbors who we liked last week and now give them the evil eye because of who they voted for? Before facebook no one knew who you voted for unless you told them. It’s really none of anyone’s business. It doesn’t have to define you, but you know what does???? How YOU choose to act every day.

You want change? Help in your community. Make change happen locally. That’s real change. Don’t hate me for who I voted for and don’t judge my character. To generalize people is just wrong. I didn’t like or always believe in our president the last 8 years…did you know that? Probably not because I just went with it. Those were the cards I was dealt with….now….others will have to do the same.

Life as you know it isn’t over. To many they are excited about the possibilities. I know I am. Let’s just be nice about it….