Not only will this summer be remembered as a great one, it will also be remembered as the one where my two children finally learned to play together. You see, my son is almost 4 years (3 school years) older than my daughter. He has always been the great big brother, but up until now he just saw her as someone who was just always there. Not someone who he wanted to play with. This summer that changed, and I it makes me smile to just think about it!

For a while now I would say “play with your sister, that’s why you have one” and he would just pout and say no he wanted to play alone. But you see, I knew that wasn’t true. I would tell him that she would love to play whatever he wanted, and he would just keep doing what he was doing. That is until recently. This summer I would be getting ready and hear them laughing so hard at one another. They would play in their rooms, run back and forth and it was fabulous. I think I will always remember those laughs. Just pure joy.

There were even times where I would hide because I knew if they saw me it would just ruin everything. Most of their games involve making an huge mess, but it’s worth it. A mess means that there is play, and if my two kids want to play then let them have at it! Most of the summer was not spent rushing out the door and this is when they played the most. She just adores him, and he likes to have someone he can boss around. It’s a win win for all!

Don’t get me wrong. Its not all sunshine and roses, I mean there were days when he would dump out all his imaginex toys in front of her and not even let her be the pink power ranger, but I guess that’s to be expected! Siblings fight, but all I can hope for is more of what I saw this summer. I remind them regularly and friends come and go but they will always have each other. I hope they always remember that too.

Now, he’s back to school and she has lost her playmate. She will be going to school soon enough, but I can already tell that with the rush rush of the morning the easy going play gets a little lost. It’s just the nature of things, but there is still time for them to laugh, and there is still time for them to play. I will always look forward to those days off of school when I can watch them be together. It’s one of the best things ever…..