Dear Tessa,

Happy birthday Peanut! We have been talking about your birthday for a very long time, and I can’t believe it has come and gone. You are now officially 3 and I am left baffled at how quickly those three years went. I feel like you have always been here, and it’s hard to remember days that you weren’t. I see pictures pop up on facebook that remind me of how much you’ve grown over the last 3 years, but for some reason you have always felt like a “big girl” to me.

This year for your birthday party we had Belle come to the house. Your face made it all worth it. You were enthralled throughout the whole party. You are lucky to have so many little friends and it was nice to have everyone over to celebrate the amazing girl that you are.

Speaking of amazing I guess I should try to describe you. This is hard because there are so many parts to you. So many contradictions! You can be tough, then sweet…..independent then needy…..angry then happy……bossy then inquisitive. You get frustrated when I call you my baby, but when I call you a big girl you think for a moment, smile and say “but I’m still small”. I can never guess what you will do next. I tell everyone you are my Diva because you always want to be in charge of the situation. You make your thoughts known to whoever is in your way. If things are going how you want them then you are the sweetest thing on earth. Your smile can melt a person and make them feel so special. On the other hand, if they are on your bad side look out! You love to be snuggled and held, but don’t sit still for very long. You are the queen of “my do it” even when you don’t know how, and after failing you immediately look for help with a shrug and a smile. I admire that. I admire that you are always willing to try. Although I admire, I find it frustrating sometimes, because it’s hard to wait for you to try. But I do my best. Because I know it will make you a stronger person in the end. And that’s what you are. Strong. So much so that sometimes I forget you are only 3. I forget that even though you want to do it yourself you still want me right there beside you to help. I am learning that even when you push me away, that you still want me near. I understand my peanut….I’m here for you.

You jumped into preschool with out being scared. You walked into the classroom and owned it. I knew you would. They tell me that you are so sweet and an amazing friend. It’s so nice to get good reports from your teachers. You started dance (ballet, tap and tumbling), soccer, and we started up swim lessons again. You are my girl who likes to participate. You listen to direction and follow. When your brother was your age he was rolling on the floor during soccer but not you. You do what you are asked and love it. It’s not just organized activities that you love, it’s all activities. You are my doer. You love to be outside and active. You will sit and color, or play play doh. When we are walking you want to stop and pick each dandelion flower. Or any flower for that matter! My stop and smell the roses girl!

Potty training isn’t happening. Nope, not at all. You have zero desire and I am not pushing it. I am hoping you will get there on your own. I’m not going to lie…diapers are getting annoying, but I have a feeling so will be running around looking for a bathroom! Until you tell me you want to go on the potty I will not push. I tried once and it was not successful. You’ll get there little one. Like everything else you will do it when you want.

You are a fun, and lively little girl with a sparkling personality. You keep me on my toes every day, and I continue to try to teach you that I am the boss not you. We are working on it. I love you so much and can’t wait to watch you experience the big world out there. It’s yours for the taking, and I think you will take every opportunity to make it your own!

Love, Mommy