tessa 14 months

Dear Tessa,

My little peanut you are such a HUGE personality! You walk around everywhere thinking that you are four and you just aren’t. Where as your brother still wants me to do everything for him…you insist on doing things for yourself. Even the other day you wanted to sit in the regular chair at the kitchen table instead of your high chair. Slow down baby girl…there are many more years ahead to do things by yourself. Let me help.

I have a feeling you are refusing to say “ma ma” out of spite…I would feel worse if you said “da da” but you won’t say that either. You will get fully excited when you see our dog though and say your version of “tink”. You will even hold a pretend camera and say “cheese”. The reason I think it’s out of spite is this…you will at least sign da da, and when you ask “Where is Christian” you will look and point at him. If you ask “where is ma ma” you don’t do a thing. What’s up with that!? I tried to get you to do animal noises..but you wouldn’t. Then I go away for a few days and Jaju gets you to do Tiger and horse! Not to mention you always shook your head yes…and jaju taught you to wag your finger and say NO…you like that one.  Again…I think it’s all spite.

You are a great sleeper. Still on 2 naps, and down for the night at 7. You love your bed. Honestly, I barely even know you have woken up sometimes. I just happen to peek at the monitor and your sitting up. Same goes in the morning. I rarely know what time you get up. Your brother on the other hand always has made it known he was awake but not you. You turn on your fishys and play with all the stuffed animals in your bed. You are happy there. When I put you to bed we read some books, and sometimes you just point to your crib. I do my best to snuggle you a little longer but you won’t have it.

I call you my tiny tornado because you can wreck a room faster than I have ever seen. I wish it were just toys. It’s everything! If I try to get snacks and a drink ready to get out the door the cupboards are emptied and all the pictures are knocked off the shelf in the living room. o

You make me laugh every day. I just watch your mind work and it amazes me. You are my “little big person”. You try to figure things out, and you are starting to try to be funny. Being the second child means we get less one on one time than I got with Christian, but we still are together all the time. You are my partner in all our errands of the day. You even seem to be the little mascot at school. All the little girls in Christians class love you and just want to pick you up. You love it! I am thankful that although you let your opinions known that you still can be so go wit the flow. I feel like you have done that since you were a newborn. You always just came with me and behaved. As long as you have food you are happy and content.

Speaking of food you love to eat! And I mean eat all the time! There is no time you are not hungry you pull things out of the pantry, find any crumbs on the floor and as we grocery shop I am now that mom that needs to open food as we shop so that you are happy. Once I do you love to ride in the cart, but if you see food you want it. Its hard to get used to after your brother who never cared one bit about food!

Little girl you keep me on my toes. You are a happy, spunky, spitfire. I love you so much and I can’t wait to be a part of all the new things that you will learn. You seem so happy and confident as long as you know I am close by. Just know baby girl I will always be there…