Those who know me know I have an attachment to my kids. Right, wrong or indifferent I love to be with them and struggle with leaving them. It’s probably been less than 10 times in the last year that I haven’t put my daughter to bed (and not much more than that for my son for that matter!). I love it. It makes me happy….but this week The Captain and I have the opportunity to get away through the generosity of his work and we are going to take it. We are travelling to Mexico for 5 DAYS, and I may hyperventilate.

The longest I have been away from my son was 2 nights when he was 18 months and beyond that maybe 3-7 nights overall over the last almost 5 years. My daughter…I don’t think I have left (is that true? I’m blanking!). When we found out about this upcoming trip was a possibility Captain Awesome told me “you are getting on that plane even if I have to drug you!”. I know that I had to prepare myself. I knew I’d be done with nursing after a while year so I knew my kids could get by with out me. Once the trip became a reality, I booked my parents to come into town to stay at our house so their lives wouldn’t have to change too much. Now…we are leaving tomorrow and I am filled with mixed emotions.

I know I am excited. Five whole days in Mexico with my husband at a beautiful resort is amazing. What I am looking forward to most is having NOTHING to do! Zero responsibility! I have no recollection of what that is like. I don’t have to be woken up…I don’t have to eat at a certain time….I can actually sit and read a book! I can board the airplane without worrying about entertaining a child and maybe I can watch a movie! I can sit in a chair and do just that…sit! It sounds glorious!

That being said I will miss the little ones terribly. I have a feeling these 5 days will feel like an eternity, but after all we have been through we need this time away as husband and wife. We need to laugh and play as adults. We love our life as parents but I need to accept that it’s ok to also need time away with my husband. We deserve it!