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Dear Little Man,

Almost every night at bedtime you ask me to sleep in your bed. Every night I pretend to snore and I grab you and cuddle you saying “this is how we have to sleep if I stay here” and you laugh. What you don’t know is how much I’d love to cuddle up with you in your bed, but out of fear of creating a bad habit I decline. But not tonight. When you asked me in advance during the day I said yes. I said yes because I reminded myself that very soon the idea of sleeping with your mom will be embarrassing, and if I don’t take advantage now I will miss out.

So I said yes. We decided daddy would sleep in your bed and you and all your most favorite stuffed animals (at least 15) could sleep with me (thank god for our new king bed!). You were excited. You had to set up the bed right then and there and talked about it the rest of the day. I loved that excitement. I want to remember these times and bottle them up. Thank goodness I of course snapped pictures because it will help me remember.

I struggle daily with wanting to keep you my baby forever, and letting you grow up. But I promise you that I will jump at the chance to cuddle and snuggle you as much as is appropriate (although that is up for debate!). When you read these posts someday I hope you can tell how much joy I get out even the smallest things. It’s the small things that make the most memories sometimes…so cheers to our sleepover my boy! I loved every minute!