One of the most memorable moments, and hardest transitions during my sons almost 6 years of life was when he jumped from his crib. I remember it so vividly. He was just over 20 months, and I woke up one morning to him by my bedside saying “down!” . Kind of like…”.Mom..I have been calling for you to get me out!! ” From there we had a really hard time with naps and bedtime and we went through a very big adjustment. I cringed when I thought of doing it again, but at over 2 years we are still going strong in the crib! I mean, not only are we going strong, but I feel like it’s safe to say that she’s super happy in her bed and I am sooo thankful!

When it comes to my kids I prefer to plan out any changes that may occur. Like deciding to potty train. I thought about it….planned, and worked towards a goal. Same went for most things, but for my son the switching to a big boy bed wasn’t one of them. The big bed is scary. Sooo much more freedom that I am not ready to give my daughter.

Each morning I have no idea what time she gets up. No seriously! I can’t even think of a time when she woke up and called for me. Really…maybe when she was a little baby she cried, but I don’t have a memory of it? She wakes up and reads a book I put in there. I watch her on the monitory rocking her baby doll or putting it to bed. It really is so sweet. She will put on her fishys almost as an alarm for myself and Captain Awesome. Kind of like…do you hear that? Wake up! The same thing goes for nap time. Most of the time I don’t know she’s awake until I check the monitor around the time she SHOULD be waking up. It’s pretty nice.

Some times I joke with her and climb into the crib. She laughs and says ” mommy own”, meaning that I have my own bed and to get out! She means it! I lay in my bed with her and say “want to sleep over with mommy” and she says “no my own”. It’s kind of funny. I certainly don’t want a co sleeper, but since my boy was so little when he was in a big bed I kind of liked snuggling with him in it! That’s not to say I don’t love our glider time. I’m just saying that by now I had cuddled and slept with my son a bunch, and I haven’t gotten that time with my girl.

I love knowing she’s still in that safe space. I love that my daughter loves to sleep and to nap. Jealous? I would be because it’s awesome. My kids are many things and have many quirks, but one thing they do is sleep. Mommy is happy because of that. I do like my sleep! And so do they! Let’s see how this turns out though. There is still much time for trouble, but I am hoping it will someday be an easy transition….time will tell!