Dear Tessa,

“Happy To You” Baby girl! That’s how you say happy birthday. You have been talking about your “happy to you” for a while now and it’s adorable! I love how excited you are to celebrate. You even bring me toys in the store and say “happy to you”….”buy”. Your lucky your cute! Anyway, I just can’t believe you are two years old. How did that happen? I sometimes feel like you have been walking (yes walking) around this house forever, but when I think a little clearer it has all gone by in a blink of an eye. I sometimes feel I don’t always get to grasp time anymore for both you and your brother because we are always on the run, but maybe that’s a good thing. Because, if I dwell on time moving by too much I crumble. Why? Because I love being your mom. I love watching you grow, and the idea that you are more of a toddler than a baby doesn’t sit well with me. Let’s slow down a little shall we?

You are still my little peanut! Weighing in at 24.2 lbs (18%) and 33.5″ (38%). People will watch you on the playground and comment that you are tall, but I tell them that it’s only an illusion. That you think you are 5 and therefore carry yourself like you are tall. In reality you are still my peanut still not out of 24 month clothes.

Sometimes I find it hard to explain you. People may say you are serious, but as time goes on you are more open to new people and even opening up to old friends. People that meet you comment on how aware and smart you are, because you can tell in your eyes that know EXACTLY what is going on. Nothing gets past you. If I always looked at your brother as my little baby, I am forced to see you as little miss independent. Not because I want to, but because you won’t let me forget. “My Do” is a major part of your vocabulary and even if you aren’t even close to being able to do a task you want to try. It’s VERY hard for me to let you, and I am learning to give you a shot. You wave my hand away, and just jump. Luckily I am always there to catch you anyway, because I guess what’s what mom’s are for. I’ll be there for you even if you think you don’t need me. It’s foreign really. I WANT to take care of you, and I would gladly do it, but I am learning that it’s OK to let you do things for yourself. Maybe in the end it will be better, but for now I struggle with it. But what I have noticed is that your confidence does come from me being close by. You don’t like me to be far away and I appreciate that. I notice you looking for me in whatever you do. You may step and walk away, but you do so knowing that I will always be close by. Don’t worry baby girl….that will never change.

 You don’t love food. Will I ever get a child who loves food? If your brother was meat and fruit you are pasta and yogurt. But really my dear…carbs? I can’t serve you pasta every day…that wouldn’t be right. So I am stuck. Our only given is a yogurt and a packet of fruit. You like snacks more than anything, and I try to keep them as healthy as possible but that isn’t easy. So what do we do? I am hoping experience will tell me that it gets better. That being 2 means that food is an enemy, so I try not to stress. Let’s see how that works out for us!

You love your brother so much. I see you shine when he’s around. When there was a break between camp and school for him and you had dance class he came and participated. He loved it and so did you. When it was just us you were shy and didn’t open up till about halfway through the class, but not with him there. You danced and moved and copied him. You laughed and you smiled and that’s what way it is when he’s there. The thing is you think that you are 5 when he’s around. That’s tough sometimes. When it’s just me and you we can do errands easily. But when he’s there you want to walk around and cause a rukous with him. I guess that’s what siblings do, and although It can be frustrating , it’s so super cute. I love the way you look at him. I hope it’s like that forever.

Your big brother just started his full day of school. That means it’s just you and me kid! Since you were born you have had to go to and from activities for Christian. Drive him to school, pick him up, go to playdates, go to soccer, go to Karate, go to his services and the list goes on. You know what? You have always been amazing at it. It hasn’t always been easy for mommy, but let me tell you. When we have soccer or Karate now you do amazing. You watch, and you love it. You know what else a full day means? Me, and my best little peanut get to spend ALL DAY together! (minus the nap of course!). We do dance, and library classes and in between run our errands. You are such a good little partner. My favorite is watching you in a shoe department. Boy are we in trouble in the future! You try on shoes like it’s your job…no matter what size they come in and it’s fantastic.

You love your bed and for that I am thankful. You go to bed around 7 or 7:30 and sleep/ stay in bed till about 7:30. I have no idea what time you wake up because you don’t make a peep. Seriously, I never hear you in your bed! Same goes for nap time. I only know you are awake because I check the monitor around the time you normally wake. I can leave you in there for goodness knows how long and you are fine. Most kids wake up screaming mommy but not you. You lay, you cuddle with your dolls and stuffed animals. You listen to your fish, or sleep sheep and are perfectly fine. You just love your bed. I hope it stays that way because it’s pretty fabulous for me!

Me and you have a lot of fun ahead of us. We will be partners in crime. We will shop, we will talk and we will share so many great things this year. Even though sometimes the looks you give me could kill I know we will be best friends. I love you baby girl. You are such a firecracker and you burst with personality. You can just see it in your eyes. I can’t wait to see where this year brings us, but I know we will be in it together.

Love your mommy