18 months old

Dear Tessa,

Woah peanut things really need to slow down! How are you 18 months old already? These things are sneaking up on me this time around and I’m not sure I like it one bit. You are bursting with personality and I can see you becoming more of a little person day by day, and less of a baby. Don’t get me wrong though…you will always be my baby so you better get used to it.

Your still my little peanut. We had your 18 month well visit and you fall in the 30% in height and 32% in weight at 21.5lbs. But I think being a peanut is cute! Luckily the nickname I started using the day you were born still works today!

When I say bursting with personality I mean it! You enter a room large and in charge. I always say that you are a big little person because you carry yourself more like a 3 year old then a 1 1/2 year old. People are always shocked when I tell them how old you are just because of all the things you try to do, or even just the way you carry yourself. You love to be “in it” with other kids. If your brother is out there trying to play soccer you want to get on the field. Together we are up and down slides and over and under bridges. You love the outside, and I am looking forward to warmer weather so that we can get out there.

I can already tell you will be different than your brother in that you have a “me do it” mentality. But as much as I let you try to do things on your own, I know that you always need me close by to watch it happen. It is so different because your brother would have me do everything for him if I could…but not you. You would put on your own socks and shoes if you could.

You love to dress up and I find it hysterical. You love dresses and tutu’s and you have big opinions of what bow you want in your hair or what shoes you want to wear. You are such a girl.  I have a feeling I’m in big trouble in the future! I have learned to pick my battles, so I think you will get off a little easier than your brother did. Other than dress up you love to play with baby dolls. You are a little mommy. You feed them, and give them bottles. You love to put on their hat, and just today you made me put on a diaper under the clothes.

You love your bed. I never hear you in the morning or after your nap and only know you are awake when I look at the monitor around the time you normally wake up. You just sit there, turn on your fishies and play with your dolls and animals. I love to watch you do so on the monitor. When I come in to get you you gather up whatever animal or blanket you want that day and say “down”. It isn’t the bright smile I used to get from your brother, but it’s you….don’t worry I know you are happy to see me!

Although you don’t love to cuddle I am breaking you down. You will run and give hugs and kisses (normally when asked), and you love to sit in a blanket and watch the only show that you like… Nick Jr’s “Mutt and stuff”. A show has real dogs as the lead roles. As a matter of fact you LOVE animals. You will point out dogs and cats everywhere, and you had a blast when we brought you to a local pet store. Your daddy and I have to get you to a zoo or farm ASAP!

It’s just me and you kid while your brother is at school so 4 days out of the week we have mommy and Tessa time all morning. We do Gymboree and soon we will start mommy and me swimming. Other than that we hit the stores and run errands. You love being out and about. I love this time together!

You sometimes have an attitude and may not be the cuddly smiley girl to all (and sometimes to me!), but to me you are a fun, silly and smart little girl who lights up my day. I am looking forward to the warm weather of spring and summer so that we can show you more of the world! It’s time to get out of the house!!! I know you will love it.