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Have you ever heard the question “If you could choose, would you choose to have a Maid, a cook or a driver?” . I feel like I have thought of this question a lot over the years, and as I thought about it today I realized that answer has changed with age. Does it mean I am getting old? Or does it mean things change with time? Each most definitely has their benefits, and I would like to have them all, but if I am forced to choose today I have decided that I would choose a MAID….its true. I am a disaster in the cleaning department and I think it’s my only hope.

After graduating from college and going out on my own I worked, supported myself and still enjoyed a good time. At that point, in my early 20’s I always think a driver would help. I had/have transportation issues and I wanted someone who would be there to pick me up and drive me where I needed to be. Especially if I had been out and indulged in a few cocktails….which I did on most weekends. Not to mention my trips to PA to see my family that much easier. The 2 1/2 hour ride would be much more pleasant sitting in the back of a car with someone else being in charge of paying attention to the road.

Fast forward to getting married in my late 20’s. I was much older and wiser then (well…not really), and then would have chosen a chef. I had the time to shop and even the time to cook, but I wanted someone who would make me healthy meals and just have it prepared. Just the right amount of veggies and protein in a yummy recipe. I wanted dinner parties and I think a chef would’ve been great. I can say I would’ve chosen a chef up until I had my second child. It would’ve been great to have someone prepare our meals…then came baby number 2.

With our little Tessa in the house, not to mention my other 3 kids…Christian, Captain Awesome and Tinkerbell….I might as well just give up. It’s best if we can recognize our strengths and weaknesses and my weakness certainly is keeping a tidy house. It makes me sad….but it’s true. I just can’t keep up. Being home all day…cooking and serving 3 meals…getting to all of our activities on time….and just being an utter mess leads to disaster. I leave the house daily with it looking like a tornado hit. That is until every other week when I clean for the cleaning lady. I leave the house in the morning…do what I do….and return to a beautifully clean house. I stand there….breath it all in….smile….then frown because in that instant one of my kids has already dumped some toys, or I know I will have to serve lunch and destroy the kitchen. It barely lasts 20 minutes…but in that moment I am happy with how everything looks.

That is why I now choose maid. I really would love a clean house if someone could make that happen for me. I’d love to leave and run my errands and have everything tidied up for my return. Is it too much to ask? Ok yes…..the reality is not many people would ever get the choice to have one of these great services let alone all…but a girl can dream right?

What would you choose?