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Dear Tessa,

I am so sorry that I missed writing you a letter at 15 months but I promise to make up for it here! I just can’t believe it really. I looked back on your brothers letter at 16 months and I said it then and I’ll say it here….16 months just feels so big to me! You are such a funny, loving, strong minded, amazing little girl. Your personality comes out more and more each day and I love that I am lucky to watch you each day grow and grow.

We have made the leap from two naps to one. Although that was a brutal transition when it happened for your brother, I have to say it was somewhat of a blessing with you. Although that means I don’t get an ounce of time to myself during the day anymore, I am thankful I am not a slave to the nap anymore. Even though it’s winter, I am happy to be able to run errands, and since you are such a fun companion it makes it all the better! We also get to go to more classes now! Since it’s just me and you most mornings we do a library class and a Gymboree class. I love watching you experience these classes.

I feel like others don’t always get to see your amazing personality. The little girl that is out and about is so serious, and curious. I feel like you watch people with such intensity that you look like you could care less about what we are doing. That being said when we are home you are silly and funny and laugh. Your daddy and I say you have the “resting Bit$h face” down! I certainly would say you give your smiles freely, but I know you are one happy girl.

You think you can do whatever your big brother does. If he has a snack in a bowl, you want your snack in a bowl (which dumps all over!). If he’s jumping on beds or couches, you want to jump on beds or couches. You adore him. It’s so fun to watch you guys interact. When we grocery shop you both ride in the big car in the front of the cart. You two laugh and I smile. We just had over 2 feet of snow, and you wanted to be out there just like him. Even if that meant falling on your face one too many times. But you held your own!

You hit. I don’t like it. I know that it’s because you don’t know how to get our your frustration but it’s gotta stop. You don’t do it while we are out though. You are great in stores, and at play dates and while we go to your brothers swim lessons. It’s home where you struggle with trying to establish your dominance. You pull food out of the pantry constantly and it can be maddening.

I wouldn’t call you a cuddle bug, but I’m wearing you down. You always want me close but not too close. Before nap and bed we sit together with your head on my shoulder and we “rocky rocky”. Sometimes I let you fall asleep there because it’s just so wonderful. When you are tired you will crawl into my lap and rest your head. Its not often we snuggle on the couch, but when we do I love it.

Your words are starting to come. You can say ma ma, da da, ball, tink, bowl, up, down, that, and maybe more. You try. You haven’t really taken to sign and that’s my fault. I was so much better at teaching your brother. But now things are more crazy and hectic and I have failed. You use the same sign for pretty much everyone in the family. You will get there though dear girl. Soon enough we won’t be able to stop you from talking!

I wish I could share with you about a favorite something….anything….but there doesn’t seem to be. You aren’t attached to one doll, or blanket, or toy. No pacifiers, or anything for comfort. Can I say I’m sad about that? It’s good for you because that means you are able to sooth yourself, and that you feel confident in the outside world so you don’t need a “lovey” to feel safe. But, as your mommy I love the memories of favorite things. I want some toy that I can forever keep in a box and remember it was your favorite. I’m sure we will get there. For now, I will keep any stuffed toy or blanket in your crib that has potential of being a favorite. It changes each day.

You are my girl, my companion and I love all the special time we get together. Your personality is starting to shine through and I wonder each day who you will become. Time seems to be moving faster then I’d like, but I am trying to appreciate it all as it passes. You are such a joy.