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I posted a little while back about our trip to Mexico.. Vacationing Without The Kids . I had mixed emotions about the trip, and wasn’t sure how I would feel being away, but now we are back and I have to tell you that it was absolutely fabulous! I did amazing…the kids did amazing…and everyone was very happy after the trip. It was sooo needed for so many reasons, and I am so thankful for Captain Awesome’s work for taking us on the trip. It was the push I needed to learn that I could make it a few days with out the kids, and more importantly they could make it without me!

As I said in the previous post Captain Awesome and I hadn’t been away for more than 2 nights which was the longest and that was when my son was 18 months old. So I was concerned with the four nights we would be away in Mexico. I was so proud of my son when I said goodbye to him the night before we left. I was worried he would make it harder on me but he didn’t. That is until the next morning when I tried to sneak out at 5:30 am and he came out of his room to see me and cried. It broke my heart but I made it out the door! We got to the airport and thus began an amazing trip that allowed us to just be Jen and Captain Awesome. We got to be adults! We got to sit and talk, and the airport was even pleasant! Not to mention that I “mistakenly” (its true it was really by mistake) booked us in first class on the way there! So the vacation began with free wine and mimosa on the plane! I got to just sit and watch a movie…it was fabulous!

The resort was AMAZING! We stayed at Paradiseus Playa Del Carmen. It was beautiful. We were in an adult only section of the resort and our room came with our own butler! The butler ran our baths and even set up the hot tub which was on our balcony with rose petals and champagne. Now, I can get used to that! From the moment of arrival I felt relaxed. I had NOTHING that I had to do, and other than 2 dinners with people from my husband work I had no where to be. I had cocktails through out the day because hey…why not!? I had no children I had to be responsible for! One of my favorite things was having every meal served to me. I sat down and relaxed through each and every meal. When I vacation with my kids (haven’t really vacationed too much with two yet) eating is a chore. It’s fixing everyone meals to their liking, or being nervous throughout the entire meal that they are going to get cranky. But not on this vacation. I sat there and had adult conversations!

I read, I sat by the pool, I took naps, I took baths, I loved having zero responsibility. It was so foreign. One amazing thing was to just be husband and wife for once. Evan and Jen got to laugh and be reminded how much silly fun we can have. Even if that includes dancing till till late and taking tequila shots.

I think one thing that helped so much was knowing my kids were doing great. We got to facetime with them every day. So not only did I get to hear from my parents how they were I got to see for myself. Tessa was a little confused because she would see me on the screen and not know why she couldn’t touch me, but it got better. But they were happy and that’s all I cared about.

So we did it! We found out that we could go away just the two of us and I could handle it. As a matter of fact I LOVED it! Sometimes it’s OK for mommy to take a break alone. A lesson that I have trouble learning, but I’m pretty proud of myself!