Dear Christian

Well little man you are 5! I look back on all the letters I have written you in the past…every week for 9 onths in my belly…every month for the first 2 years…every half and full year till this year, and now I write you as you turn FIVE! Where does the time go?! On the eve of your birthday you cried. You cried because you didn’t want to be five. You did the same last year and it broke my heart. See I don’t want you to get older either but I think I held it together pretty well. I consider you my little Peter Pan because you don’t want to grow up. But we can’t stop it. You grow so much each year and I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming.

I am so thankful to have this extra year of having you in preschool. I feel I have hit the jack pot. I would not be ready to have you in kindergarten, and to be honest even though you are so smart, emotionally it’s best for you too. You love school. you love your friends and you love to be busy. I am your social director! You are in school 4 days a week and I do my best to embrace this last year I have before you go to school full time (or maybe half day…i’m not sure yet!)

You are an amazing big brother. Although you don’t love to share, you basically treat your sister with love. I enjoy watching you two interact and I can’t wait to see your bond as you both grow. Last year brought a lot of change for you. You went for getting all the attention to having it split a lot of the time, but you dibd amazing. I couldn’t have asked for you to behave any better.

It’s not all rosy of course. I figure I have to tell you about your negatives too. You are so stubborn….like your father! You tend to bite your nose off to spite your face a lot. You say no to things before trying them, and sometimes you get stubborn and refuse to do things for no reason at all. It’s easier for me to deal with than your daddy because you are so much like him! Also, you don’t have a favorite anything. You want toys…ALL THE TIME! You are lucky enough to have grandparents who buy you almost anything you want, and that means our house is filled with toys. Most of them are your favorite toy for about 24 hours and then it’s over. It’s frustrating to say the least, but the joy I see in your face to get a toy is priceless. I’m a sucker.

Food still isn’t your favorite but I think you have gotten better. At least your dad doesn’t have to feed you anymore! Some say you are a bad eater, but I say that even though you don’t eat a lot at least you don’t eat bad. You actually probably eat more correctly than most kids. When I say correctly I mean you don’t only eat the tried and true kid favorites like mac and cheese, hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Of course you like those (minus the mac and cheese), but you LOVE a good steak and I think that’s pretty good.

You got rid of your wa wa this year (you had it way too long but whatever) which was tough for you, but we made it through. Thank goodness you are still a good sleeper! In bed by 7:30-8 and up around 6:45. Not too bad! One of my favorite parts of the day is putting you to bed because we get to cuddle and talk. We read one book, and you ask me to sing the teenage mutant ninja turtle song. Then I ask you what your favorite part of the day was, and then you ask me. It’s during these times I love to chat because I can just sit and listen without thinking or doing anything else. I truly cherish it.

There is so much I want to say and remember but it’s impossible. What I most want to remember about this year was how wonderful you took to being a big brother and that even though your dad may say you are too sensitive, I love that you are a sweet and kind boy who has empathy for others. You honestly care about other people’s feelings, and of course your own feelings trump those sometimes, at least you are aware. You are becoming a leader among your friends when I used to see you as such a follower.

I love you my little man. I hope five years old brings you much joy. I promise to do everything in my power to make that happen.

Love, Mommy