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Dear Tessa,

20 months old and going on FIVE! As much as you are my baby I swear you think you are 5 years old like your brother. It’s hard to adjust to someone who wants to do things by herself. Your brother would let me feed him every meal, while you on the other hand want to put on your own shoes. Your “I’ll do it myself” attitude has me frustrated since most of the time you CAN’T do it, but I am working on accepting it. I WANT to do things for my baby. That’s what I am used to, but that’s not how you want it to happen. Problem is, I have to be right there for you when you can’t do it because I know full well you will just get frustrated and I will have to help you in the end.

There are two very opposite sides to you, and rarely never an in between. When you smile your whole face lights up. You can be sweet, and you worry when other people are sad or upset. On the other hand….if looks could kill I swear that you are mentally taking me down with your eyes. The disdain sometimes is hurtful!

Food isn’t really your favorite thing these days. You will take down the fruit and veggie packets like a champ, and yogurt is always a good go to, but meat gets spit out every time. I try not to worry, or force it too much, because you seem to be growing and healthy so I’m just going to “go with it”. I remember your brother being the same way, and he turned out OK. I hope the same applies to you. I refuse to cook you a separate meal, so if you don’t like what we are having for dinner…then a yogurt and packet for dinner it is!

You still love your crib. I still never know what time you wake from your nap or in the morning. Most kids scream or yell when they get up but not you. You sit and play with your animals and don’t make a peep. I’m happy that you like it in there. I am even more happy that I don’t have to wake up to your screams!

Most mornings it’s just me and you. We are taking Mommy and me swimming at the Y, and other than that we keep ourselves entertained. You love to be “doing”. You prefer to be out of the house and if you could pay outside all day you would. TV still doesn’t entertain you, and although I’m happy you are able to play and entertain yourself. I wish you would just SIT for a minute so that I could get things done sometimes. Whatever room I am in so you are you, and whatever I am trying to accomplish you most likely are trying to counteract that productivity. A lot of times it’s because you just want to “help” which is cute….but it’s not so cute when you are pulling every folded item out of the laundry basket.

 I love you baby girl. You keep me on my toes and make me smile every day. You are a challenge, and I accept that challenge with love. I know most of the time it’s because you can’t communicate as well as you’d like with me, and I know I just need to be patient. So that’s what I am doing….I am hugging when you are frustrated, and I will show you love even when you tantrum. That’s my vow to you!

Love you baby girl, Mommy