mother's day drinks

When the topic of Mother’s Day comes up among friends I speak to so many women who are disappointed in what their husbands and children do for them, or they are exhausted by the fact that they have to celebrate all the other Mother’s in their lives instead of celebrating themselves. As this Mother’s Day approaches I know I will NOT be one of these women. I will admit to being disappointed in the past, but one year I decided to write a blog post showing my mother’s day wish list and Captain Awesome followed everything on it. It was fabulous. I don’t regret it one bit. Why be disappointed?

I get that it’s important to celebrate our own mother’s for Mother’s day, but while I’m deep into the trenches these days with little kids, Mother’s Day is still new and exciting for me. I love my mom, and I know she understands why I haven’t travelled to PA to be with her on Mother’s Day in a while. We’ve spoken about it, and she knows how important it is to be with my own family on this day. Captain Awesome’s mother is local, and we have worked out a deal where he takes the kids in the morning to see her for breakfast. It’s a win win because I get some quiet time to myself, and she gets to see her son and Grandkids.

I have to ask. Why not milk Mother’s Day? My son LOVES that I ask him every day what he’s getting for me. He just laughs and tells me he can’t tell me. The Captain loves that I make it easy and just tell him what I want to do. I’ve accepted that he’s not the best at thinking ahead and planning for me. I have accepted that he will wait till the last minute and get whatever gift works, but that doesn’t mean that I should have to suffer for it. Instead, I sent him the link to what I wanted, and planned the day I wanted. Don’t judge!

Mom’s…you deserve this day. If you say “I don’t need anything” I will call shenanigans. You NEED something and it may be just a manicure, or a pretty shirt, or even just a new coffee mug but it’s something. I give you permission to be selfish and ASK for what you want to do. Even if it’s to be alone…why not!? It’s your day, and it only comes once a year. Hallmark holiday or not I say take full advantage. I would bet that your husband and kids would love to treat you like royalty for a day. Go on….try it! You’ll like it!