Well I must confess I am behind in my writing. I don’t post as much as I’d like, but I would like to change that because I do love looking back to read. Tessa deserves a journal as much as Christian got, but it seems thus far I have been failing. I’ll try to do better. This year Tessa began pre school. I know….it’s crazy…but it’s true! My baby has started a 3 year old pre school program and goes 3 mornings a week. I have so many feelings about it, most of them I don’t allow myself to dwell on because I would go crazy. What I focus on is that little face you see in the picture above. That face shows you how amazingly happy she was to go off to school. That face is just one picture of many that showed her pure excitement on her first day of school. She owned her first day of school, and I was so proud. This little peanut may rule the world someday, and I will be lucky to go along for the ride!

Although Christian always did good about going off to school, there was always a part of me that worried about him. I would think “I hope he’s OK”. It’s not like that with her. She is fierce. She walked right off on the first day and I knew she would be OK. I knew when we went into orientation and she was one of the only one who attacked the dress up clothes, told the kids where to sit and served them play food. She said “mommy do I get to stay here?”. No baby I had to say, but you do get to come back tomorrow.

She was so excited to hold that first day of school sign. She has watched her big brother do it and now it was finally her turn. I couldn’t believe I was reading “first day of pre school” on that sign again. How did we get here? Christian started the 3 year old program the day before she was born. I remember it so well. Now that baby girl is starting her years of school! It’s hard to believe really. It’s hard to believe that I will never again account for all the hours of her day. Never again will I know exactly what she is doing at any given moment. It may not be weird for some but it truly bothers me.

Most say that I will enjoy that time to myself. A few hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s been almost a month and they are right. I feel a little guilty about that. The time goes by so fast. I barely get something done and it’s time to go get her again, but it’s nice. It’s nice for my brain to be able to think for a moment. I will admit grocery shopping is easier, but the fact that I don’t have a chattering toddler with me begging for food is odd. I miss her. To be honest thus far I have crammed in doctors appointments and other things that I didn’t get done while my kids were around this summer. I should be working some more…..alot more. I thought I would get to go home, watch Rachael Ray, then Kelly and Ryan and just sit, but that’s not the case. Oh well. Maybe someday!

So she’s off. She is off to the adventure that is school. She is off to learn how to play, make friends, and maybe share. She get’s to do all of this without her mom there and she is doing just fine. What about me you ask? (ok, no one asked but I’m going to tell you). I am OK. I am happy that she seems happy and I am sad that my babies are getting big. But such is life. Enjoy preschool little one! I can’t wait to hear all about it!