Wasn’t I just writing about the start of Kindergarten? How are we already at it’s end? I went to check on my boy the night before his last day

before I went to bed like I do every night and I realized this is the last night I would kiss and whisper to my Kindergartener “I love you” before I went to sleep. Summer is here and before I know it we will be back at school and I will be a mom of a first grader.

Some will be shocked that I am sad this year is over because they knew I didn’t love it. Kindergarten was nothing like I pictured it. Personally, this year was a hard one. My baby boy went off to school, I thought the school shut us parents out and I felt totally out of the loop where my kid was concerned. The parent organization I was excited to be a part of totally let me down, and overall this year has left me wondering “what’s the point” most of the time. That all being said my little man seemed overall happy and I remind myself that is what is most important.

I am aware that over the years we will have some good, some great, and some bad. Maybe I can’t count this one as bad because maybe I don’t know what bad really looks like. Maybe I can count this one as bad for me and good for my boy? And maybe what I am considering as bad is just me needing to lower my expectations?  Overall he handled the year well. I was worried about the full day I fought hard for and he did great. Even if I didn’t bond with his teacher like I thought I would he did, and I’m glad. He thought she was the best and I love that. He struggled most with being pulled out for OT and speech services, but they seem to be something that I need to push because it’s what is best.

Reading was another struggle, but I’m not worried. I think they are asking too much of them, and I am proud with how far he’s come. He went from a little boy who could barely write his name to reading his site words, some books, and writing full sentences. That is a lot of progress in 180 days of school. I look at it as a victory for him, and not a failure for being behind others. To be honest I don’t drill him on any of it because he went to school all day….had homework (true story….Kindergarteners should NOT have homework)….did some sport or activity, and then deserved time to relax. NOT to be drilled some more.

Now, we are in summer. I am thankful for the year to be over, but it saddens me too because it all went by so fast. Next year the beginning of the year won’t be as scary for him, and I think he will be exited. I hope I can build some excitement for the year! This year brought me down a bit and my enthusiasm to participate has gone down….that sucks because those that know me know how much I love to be involved. Time will tell!

For now I look forward to all the amazing summer plans we have. I look forward to lazy morning and warm weather. I look forward to seeing my kids play together and more likely fight together but no matter what we will be going through our days together. Check back with me in August, but for now everything looks bright and cheery! Happy Summer vacation all!