I feel some regret that I don’t write as much on my blog anymore. The first 4 years of Christian’s life are pretty well documented on here. All the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s so fun to look back and see how I was feeling about pretty much everything. Now, life goes on and time slips away. I don’t write as much as I’d like, but what can you do? Currently, we are in potty training mode for the second time around. Potty training kind of just came to Christian. Granted he was over 3 years old, but once he was ready he ran with it. I don’t recall using pull ups that often, and we made it through with only  a few bumps on the way. Tessa on the other hand was adamant about not being ready, and showed no interest for the LONGEST TIME! She just wouldn’t do it, and if you know Tessa you know that you aren’t going to force her to do something she doesn’t want to. So I waited….and I waited….and I waited. Turns out it was almost exactly the same time that Christian decided to potty train, but I think because she was a girl I thought she would be sooner. But she’s there! She has decided that underwear is the way to go, and we are in it….oh boy are we in it!

Once Tessa made the decision she said she was giving her diapers away to her cousin Johnny and wants nothing to do with them. That’s great….but we aren’t 100% successful. It took a long while before she actually had ONE success, but once she did we moved forward full steam ahead!

It’s hard this time around. I don’t have time to potty train. We are on the move ALL the time and the poor girl had to learn pretty quickly to go on the potty in public places. There was no more sitting home and practicing. On day two of the full court press she wore her underpants to school. She asked and I went with it because if I am honest there really is no good time to potty train. Her teachers are great and are totally understanding about being in potty training mode. I am thankful for that.

I forget how much extra time you need though. I am barely on time as it is, and I forgot about the “I have to go to the bathrooms” right before you are about to leave. I sign and rush her to the bathroom and hope it goes quickly. The real frustrating part is that she likes to “try” regularly and we have a lot of false alarms. My favorite is when I get her buckled in the carseat after rushing out the door only to have to remind me she has to go. Damn! How did I forget to ask her in advance. It’s not her fault it’s mine and we have to run back inside. That is soooo much better than an accident in the car.

Thus far we have had no poop successes. Only poop fails. I try not to make her feel bad but I remind her the poop in the underpants is a no no. I offer to put on a pull up if she has to go but it seems she prefers to poop in her pants. It’s gross and I hate it. Again, I do my best, but most of the time my frustration is evident. I am hoping she gets the gist of it soon because ewww….just ewwwww!

So I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Am I really almost done with diapers? Woah…..It’s an odd thing to me. I know I will be thankful once going to the potty becomes second nature for her, but I think we have some time before that happens. Till then I must re-learn where all the public bathrooms are in my favorite places and hope that our accident count drops to zero pretty soon. I promise to keep you posted!