Onward and upward we go into 2012! Who’s coming with me? As a new year begins it’s only natural to want to think about how one thinks the year should go. Isn’t it? Maybe it’s just natural for planners like me. I constantly think ahead because I love to get excited about where I am going. With a kid it’s a little different because I am not always sure what to expect, but it’s still fun to try to have a little control in what happens. So here is what I am looking forward to in 2012!

Goals for 2012

The goal that is always first on my mind is the goal to continue to be home with my son as much as possible. I think The Captain and I are happy where we are financially, and I want to keep it that way. That’s why I will do whatever I can to keep things in that world status quo. I am so happy that he supports me in my goal to put our son first and my work second. It works for me and I love it.

A major happening in 2012 is the desire to find a new home. I think it’s time. Although townhouse living has been wonderful, I am starting to feel that we are growing out of this house. Of course people live in smaller houses, but I think we need more room. Also, as much as I love this house, from the beginning I found myself looking at it as a “for now” house. I think I am ready to find the home I will raise my son in. Do I think it will be our forever home? No…but I can’t wait to make it a home that will last us a long time. So the search begins! It may take a while though since we refuse to settle on less than what we want.

If I had to choose another goal it would be to be a better housewife. I pretty much suck. I think I am a great mom, and a great wife, but keeping up with the home has been a tough task. The Captain got me a cleaning lady to come once a month as my Christmas present so I am super excited about that. I think that will help with the cleaning part. Next I have to focus on the cooking part. I have been awful! For a short time I did well with my menu planning, but if we are being honest, it didn’t last long. I want to make real meals for my husband and my son, and be smart about the food I buy.

Another goal would be to work on my blog. I love to write and tell stories here, but I’d like to offer a little more information. I think I’d like to share more about things that have worked for me, or products that I like. That way, us mommy’s can stick together and tell our secrets, and for the mom’s to be, it’s always nice to get some ideas. Fingers crossed that I can stick to this new goal!

I look onto 2012 with no idea what to really expect. For the first time in a long time I ready to go with the flow. Come what may….Que cera cera….what will be will be….ok you get the picture. I’m just so happy with life and I want that to continue. So here’s to 2012!

What is your biggest New Years Resolution?