When my son was born I attempted to make a deal with him. I promised to be the best mommy I could be, and in return I asked for him never to get sick or hurt. We’ve done pretty good on the sick part, but the other day my son broke our contract. Yes my dear readers, my son suffered his first big fall, and for this mamma it’s been difficult. I have decided to forgive this breech of contract if he promises never to do it again, but from what I’ve been told that doesn’t look to promising. If I hear “well it’s the first of many” one more time I may scream! Why do kids have to get hurt???

I felt that the whole ordeal happened in slow motion. He was playing by his toy box, and I stepped to the counter to clean something. As I turned to walk back to the toy box, I saw he was on top of it and reaching for a close by kitchen chair (yes, our little townhouse allows for some of his play area to be by our kitchen/dining room table) As I started to yell no, that’s when the slow motion started. I lunged forward, he fell and smacked his face on the bar at the bottom of the chair. OUCH!

No more slow motion. The tears started instantly. I scooped him up and hugged him tight. We sat down where I began to assess the damage. No blood…check! So where was he hurt?? Then I saw it. The HUGE black and blue goose egg swiftly growing right between the eye brows. What to do? How do I fix it?? ICE! That’s all I could think of.

After a ton of hugs and squeezes I got some plastic fake ice cubes which he allowed me to put on his head while he sucked on another. I was surprised how quickly the crying stopped, but the fact that he laid in my lap for so long told me that he wasn’t ok. I mean who would be? He had a nice big bruise and egg on his head.

If the initial bruising wasn’t enough, the bruises have now traveled south and near his eyes and the bridge of his nose! It looks like I beat him! People joke that they are going to call CPS, but seriously folks, this looks like a major beating! The doctor (who I called 3 days later after the bruising continued) said it happens and it’s part of the healing process. But I don’t like it one bit. AND she said it may take a week to heal! That means for the next week (right before Christmas mind you) I get to remember how I let my little boy fall.

I know what you are thinking…it’s not your fault, you can’t always be there…and I know you are right. But still. It sucks. Now, it’s only going to get worse once he builds up the confidence to walk on his own. Then he’s just asking for some more face plants.

I’m not sure I’m cut out for this, and I just wish he’d stick to our original contract. Is that too much to ask?